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Ten Ways to Fight Childhood Obesity

“Top Ten Ways to Fight child obesity

1. Cut out the soda and high sugar juices. Sugar loaded beverages should be viewed as a sweet treat, not a necessity with every meal.

2.  Eat a variety of 5 fruits and vegetables a day. The department of health reports eating by the “5 a day rule” can significantly reduce the risk of many chronic diseases and other child obesity health risks. 

3. Make breakfast. Studies show kids who eat breakfast have better focus and perform better in school.

4. Stock your fridge with Low-fat dairy products. Once a child is over the age of two, there is no longer a need for the fat provided in dairy products. Therefore, go as low as you can with 1% to nonfat milk.

5. Fiber load it. Fiber is great for their digestive system and also keeps their stomach full without the added calories.

6. Healthy Snacks. One of the major causes of high child obesity rates is poor snacking, so pack your shelves with healthy snacks instead of high fructose and trans fat loaded snacks.

7. Limit Television time. They may groan and fuss but they’ll thank you later. Limiting TV time forces they to find other means of entertainment-hopefully #10!

8. Sign them up for Sports. This is a great way for them to make friends and burn off some extra calories!

9. Pack their Lunch. When you pack their lunch, you have more control over what foods they’re taking in. So make it nutritious!

10. EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE! Last but not least, the only way to burn their caloric intake is to get out and play, so encourage them to get outside play around.

Follow this childhood obesity program and Fight Childhood Obesity with a healthier and happier child!